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Surrounded by beads, robots, computer gadgets, electronics bits and pieces and and art supplies you can learn about technology and computers. ISIS classes are small, fun, filled with creativity and hands on experiments. ISIS classes are designed just for girls.

But why just for girls!?

because today technology is central to our lives at work and at home, but young girls lag behind significantly. They are not as interested, the few available classes offered are boring, most video games which serve as an entry point to technology don't appeal to girls

because research shows that girls learn differently, ISIS incorporates all the aspects of education that work effectively for girls such as learning
through collaboration, allowing room for creativity, hands on
experiments and role modeling

because learning about technology will open the door to a whole new
world of knowledge, and helps young girls be competent and
confident in any field they choose


because technical and scientific fields have lots of wonderful
opportunities to offer girls, and girls have a great deal to offer
science and technology.